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Rub-On Demo's
The Demos are short movies in AVI format.
Windows Media Player, RealOne Player or similar is needed to view the movies.

Our demonstration is in 2 parts to save download time.
Please view them both to see the complete application.

Lace Demo Part I

Lace Demo Part II

lacepic.jpg (67675 bytes)Because the Lace is a continuous pattern, it requires that you cut a piece to fit your client's nail. Once you have the cut piece,  place it on the nail and keep it in place until you follow these simple steps: Rub down the center and then out to one side only, until you see it release from the clear sheet. When that one side has released completely, gently peel off the clear sheet and let the design lay itself out across the rest of the nail. Discard the clear sheet and press to make sure all of the edges are down. If any part of the design extends past the free edge, simply use a fine file or buffer at a 45 degree angle to remove any excess (as you would a silk wrap). To see an example of this, please click on the Lace Demo links above.

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Daisy Demo

Zebra Demo

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